The 2014 Energy Code became effective January 1, 2015. The cost of building just went up but hopefully the new guidelines will result in lower energy bills and consumption across the country. We've long been a supporter of strong energy guidelines with the position that as a new home buyer you get to lock in your interest rate but none of us get the privilege of locking in the rates of our utilities.

Here at Robberson Custom Homes we have been using radiant barrier decking combined with extensive use of caulking, foam, house wrap, foundation foam board, and various weather-sealing tapes and insulations for the last several years so we only have minor additions to our energy program to be totally compliant and even exceed the new standards.

We have a long history of building homes that provide affordable comfort for our customers.

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I chose them to build my new house and I couldn't be happier. - P. R. Johnson 

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